Other interests include: Fitness & training, all things competitive, Fundraising in Aid Of Cancer Research UK, Travelling, Photography, Music, Art, antiques & collectables.  

In my free time I like to catch up with my friends as often as possible, as well as anything that includes adrenaline and competition. Although it has to be said that 99% of the time I'm focused on my next race.

Born in Southampton in the South of England on the 12th January 1996. I spent my early years growing up between my home town and also travelling Australia. Eventually I settled down back home during my schooling and college years. 

As a kid I had always been interested in cars and racing, but it wasn't till later on at the age of twelve that I became truly immersed in Motorsport. 

From racing at club level, to National level, to having raced in America in 2016 is dream come true for me. I take my racing very seriously, I'm out on track as often as possible, as well as keeping fit and training throughout the week to stay at the top of my game. 


My Future Goals & Ambitions

Since I began competing in motorsport my future goals have changed dramatically. I have been racing for over ten years now, my life revolves around it and wouldn’t wish it any other way. My aim has always remained the same though, to be the best at whichever class I’m racing, but my overall focus has changed these past few years. Whilst I was kart racing, I was just trying to go on to greater things within the category, to constantly challenge myself, but towards the end of 2016, having won the F-Series Kart Championship in America, I turned my attention to cars.

Looking back at 2016, I thrived over in the US, I had an amazing time racing, meeting great people along the way, I began to feel very much like I had found my place in the motorsport world. So, I made America my target for the 2019 season and beyond. However, things do not plan out the way I had intended...

After narrowly missing out on the Mazda Road to Indy Shootout, I immediately turned my attention to finding a solution that would enable me to still run the USF2000 season. After more than a months worth of barely any sleep and being constantly on the move trying to make the necessary arrangements, I burnt out. I got very ill and sadly had to take some time away to recover. 

Call it a strength or a weakness of mine, I really struggle to switch off. When I have passion for something, I can't let it go, it really does consume me. This, ultimately is what led to my brief time away from the sport. 

I ended up taking about six months off, but it was vital. When I returned to racing, I felt more energised than ever, winning on my very first race back. 

My main passion is, and always will be motorsport. 

I had an opportunity earlier that year to go and experience a Formula e race at Battersea Park for the London e-prix. I became greatly inspired by the concept, its fresh, exciting and environmentally aware perspective of motorsport. I have since held talks to see how I could break into the class, but given the current situation with very limited forms of electric racing, it just isn’t an option right now.


Having realised this reality at the end of 2017, I was a bit lost on where to set my sights for the future. I entered the 2018 season with no clue on what I’d like my next step to be. I turned my focus to the year ahead, once again competing in the British Nationals. As the season progressed, I did too. It became apparent to me that I was racing in a class that offers one of the greatest prizes in motorsport, an opportunity to win the $200,000 scholarship to USF2000, a proven ladder series to Indy Car. This is where I set my sights. . . .

What remains uncertain is whether I will ever be able to compete at the level I believe I am worthy of. 

The sad reality of this awesome, yet exceedingly expensive form of sport is, funding is key. Without funding you aren't going to go far. I feel tremendously lucky to have done everything that I have in my career. I have achieved many things others never will, and I can't tell you how incredibly lucky I feel because of that. 

But, in short my future relies pretty much solely on funding and a little bit of luck. Only time will tell if I ever get to be one of the few that make it. 

All I can say is, I'll always give it my all and ultimately I will always have a blast out on track, no matter what I'm racing! Let's keep pushing!

Thank you to all my continued support from all my friends and family in my pursuit to reach the top. You are all amazing!


You can keep up to date with all my progress here or via my social media accounts. Thank You, Michael.


Always on the look out for new and exciting partnerships!


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"I'm exceptionally thankful for where I am today, this sport means the world to me, and I'm extremely excited for times that lie ahead"



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