Formula Ford Festival 2018

Gutted with the final result last weekend. Certainly experienced both the highs and lows of motorsport.

All I can say is... We did absolutely everything in our power. It just wasn’t meant to be this year.

I set the Fastest time of the entire Festival, put it on Pole and Won my heat with the Fastest Lap of the race. Unfortunately it all fell apart in the semi final where I would DNF due to a rear suspension bolt failure.

The Kevin Mills Racing team put the perfect car together for me, I believe we had a serious shot a it, but we’ll be back. So looking forward to the Walter Hayes Trophy next week, I’m going for gold! 😁

A massive thank you as always the to the team and BOLD racing engines! 🙏🏻

I’ve had so much support prior to, and following the final result, thank you all so, so much! 🙏🏻

I’ve attached a Race Report summary below just in case anyone is interested. 😁🙃

Practice - We appeared to be the fastest car on track in the three test days, so we were hoping for some very good results in our heat race, despite being drawn in what was widely regarded as the toughest heat.

Qualifying - We were the final group to qualify, I positioned myself well to avoid most of the traffic and get a clean run. We ended up taking Pole by 0.23 seconds, the biggest gap to second compared to any of the other Quali groups. Our pace was also fantastic, not only did we have a comfortable margin to second place, but throughout the session I set 6 laps that were good enough for Pole Position.

Heat Race - A good start and a clean getaway meant I held my position. By the end of the first lap the safety car would be deployed for what felt like an eternity. After seven laps we were finally unleashed, I made a fantastic restart and would go over the line by nearly a whole second clear of the car behind. With a lot of oil down, I managed the race out front, still setting the Fastest Lap along the way. We would take the victory by nearly three seconds at the chequered flag.

Semi-Final - Unfortunately because we were the only heat with a safety car, this meant we were the slowest heat of the three. Which resulted in us having to start from 2nd in what seemed to be once again the toughest semi final of the two. The car in front gapped me on the opening lap, but I chased him back up within 4 laps. Unfortunately half way through the race we seemed to lose pace and struggle with a very loose rear end. We lost a position in the process and a couple of laps later the rear suspension failed and we were out of the race. It appears that what potentially happened is the bolt failed earlier on in the race, and the rear wishbone stayed supported enough in the clevis to hang on, obviously this only lasted so long and eventually it all fell out of alignment resulting in a DNF.

Further racing for the weekend - So we were put on a list of reserves to start at the back of the ‘Last chance race’. However after much deliberation we decided to call it quits there. I was torn between the two decisions, the racer inside of me wanted to go all out to try and redeem my weekend, the other part of me knew the best had already been, and with the Hayes just around the corner the last thing I wanted to do is end my weekend with possible damage. Don’t get me wrong, we could have definitely made a lot of progress and most likely made the final, but we would never make the front or stand a chance of winning, and that’s what we went for. Ultimately, having had a week to reflect on my decision, I have absolutely no regrets. I am fully focused on the WHT now, and frankly I was as soon as it all fell apart on Sunday. I’m excited and feeling well prepared for the seasons grand finale!

Thank you to Bourne Photo for a great array of pics!

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