Donington Park British National Rounds 21, 22 & 23

What a year! 2nd in the 2018 British National Formula Ford Championship with Kevin Mills Racing!! 🇬🇧

Proud with the results as it is only my second season racing cars in what has been dubbed one of the most competitive National fields for many, many years.

It’s been an amazing journey this season....

🔺2nd in the National Championship 🔺‘Tourist Trophy’ National Championship Winners 🔺2nd in the ‘Triple Crown’ National Championship 🔺12 Podiums 🔺5 Fastest Laps 🔺19 Top 6’s 🔺23 Top 10’s 🔺23 Races in Total, at 8 different Circuits around the UK

The results above are a credit to an amazing team, who are purely driven to win and succeed. These are values I obsess on, I’m immensely proud to be a part of a team that shares these same motives.

The win unfortunately alluded us, but in all honesty the Championship ultimately meant more to me. A few rounds into the series and it was apparent to me that the winner had pretty much been decided, the best we could do was 2nd. I set my focus on being very consistent and maintaining our position, which is exactly what we did. I’d like to say a huge congrats to Niall Murray, who truly deserved to win, and was an unstoppable force from the beginning. (Having said this, I hope to give you a run for you’re money at the festival this week 😜😁).

In terms of the weekend itself we finished the year with a podium and another couple of top four finishes.

Qualifying: A really tough session for everyone. We ultimately misread the conditions and went for a much drier setup than we should have. The track was still very wet, and it was made worse by showers just as we left the holding bay. Taking all of this into account, we did very well to finish 5th.

Race 1: My main focus was achieving another solid points finish to protect our 2nd place in the championship. As it happened, the race would eventually end with our two main rivals not finishing. Over the course of the race we moved up 1 position to 4th, the top four of us separated by less than a second as we crossed the line.

Race 2: Mathematically our championship position wasn’t quite wrapped up, but with my main two rivals starting from the back, I fancied a go for the race win. We eventually finished 2nd, 0.1 off of the win. Pretty frustrating to say the least. We set the Fastest lap of the race and were definitely by far the best car on pace. Unfortunately after cars in front defending and squabbling over position mid way through the race, the leader was able to get away. Five laps from the end I was 2.5 seconds from the leader, to cut that gap in that space of time and to miss by that much was disappointing for myself and the team, but unfortunately you can’t always have it all. 😁

Race 3: Not a great way to end the 2018 National Championship. The track conditions were horrific, the worst I’ve driven in, visibility was nonexistent at times. I was driving mostly by feel, and memory of where I thought the corners were. Sadly only 4 racing laps were completed in the end, we moved up from 6th (with the reverse grid) to finish 4th again. About the very best we could do in those torrential conditions.

So that’s that, the season has flown by. 23 races over the course of 6 months, around 8 different circuits across the country. It’s been epic!

Once again, a massive thank you to the Kevin Mills Racing Team and to BOLD engineering for a great motor all season!

To all my family and friends for all the messages of support, and for coming along to watch when possible, thank you for being a part of my journey!

So excited for the Formula Ford Festival this weekend and the Walter Hayes Trophy in a couple of weeks time!! Then fingers crossed for what the rest of the year has to bring as we look towards next season 👀

Thank you Bourne Photo for the Pictures!

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