Silverstone Northern FF1600

What a Fantastic Weekend!

Pole Position & 2 Race Wins! 🏁🏆🏆

We’ve been on the verge of our first win for a while now, but it all came together for us on Sunday at Silverstone.

Qualifying - Having had no rain for a very long time, the track was pretty treacherous. Aquaplaning and poor visibility were the main story of the session. We went provisional pole early on and kept improving on our time. The car felt great to drive, and I was actually really enjoying the challenging conditions. I was very content to take our third pole position of the year so far.

Race 1 - Conditions had not improved at this point and the rain was still coming down hard. We had a reasonable start off the line, but a slight lapse of traction meant there were three of us wide going into turn 1. Close, fair racing ensured we all made it round. Our pace was really strong, I got my head down and was fully focused on achieving my goal. Despite being out in front we had a lot of traffic to contend with, and given the conditions it was sometimes a little tense passing, as some cars were unaware we were behind due to spray. Unfortunately a red flag ended the race a few mins early, but I was really happy to win my first race with a margin of 4.3 seconds, taking fastest lap along the way.

Race 2 - By this time, rain had stopped for a couple of hours and the track was beginning to dry. This made our choice of setup pretty difficult to guess, but the team did a great job. Another decent start ensured I held my position on the run down to turn 1. The track was dry(ish) but very damp in places. I came under a great deal of pressure in the opening few laps, but eventually managed to break the tow and do my best to get on down the road. The track kept evolving as the race went on, conditions I really enjoy racing in. When the flag was finally waved, we would take a second win of the day with a margin of nearly 5 seconds.

Super, super happy, it was only a few days ago that I said in my previous race report “I keep saying it, but we are getting closer and closer to the win!”. Little did I appreciate it might be the next day 😅

I always write a brief section at the end of these reports, mainly to thank the team.... Well today is no different, but I also want to thank some amazing, incredible people that have supported me the past few years and have been key in keeping me focused and on the road to success.

I appreciate the year is nowhere near finished, but given my first win, I feel now is a good time to be thankful.

First of all, the Kevin Mills Racing team! Not only for all the hard work that goes in, or the car setup, but for also becoming an extension of my family, all really great people that I love having a laugh with (and most the time to be laughed at) but all in good jest. 😂 Specifically, regards Sunday, to Kevin, my mechanic Alex and Alastair. I have worked with pretty much all the mechanics since I joined the team, but Alex worked with me predominately through last year, and at times this season, having to do many repairs last year (thanks to me) and doing his best to support me in the races. We have become great mates through it, and I was very pleased to be able to win my first race with Alex on Sunday, it has truly been a team effort and I feel proud to finally convey the results the team deserves.

To my parents, no matter the good or the bad times, you have relentlessly supported me. I take this sport incredibly seriously, and sometimes you can lose track of the fun along the way, you have both taught me to make the most of it, no matter the situation, I’m enjoying it more and performing better for it. Very thankful for you being there, and glad we could all share the results from the weekend together. ❤️🙏🏻

To Jim Robertson. I’m gutted you have been unable to attend a race properly this year, life isn’t fair and I just hope things get better for you as soon as possible. It is with you’re help that I am where I am today. I may not have chosen this route a couple of years ago and that would have been a real loss. So thank you for everything you have done for me. 😊

My friends and family, you know exactly who you are. Again sticking with me through thick and thin, no matter how much of a pain in the ass I am. 😅

To BOLD engines for a mega motor! 🏎💨

On a side note, to all the marshals..... I don’t think this gets said enough. Without them we wouldn’t be racing and it can sometimes be easy to forget. But as I drove round Silverstone in the torrential rain on Sunday, they were there getting absolutely drenched, but all with a smile on their face. Dedication, and it is truly appreciated.

Finally, but by no means least, to Rachel Bourne at Bourne Photo for the beautiful photos from the weekend. Especially the family and teams pics. It is so, so wonderful to have pictures that capture such good memories. A big thank you! 😊

I know I will have inevitably missed people on here, but honestly I have had so much support from you all so far this season, it honestly means the world! So thank you so much! 🙏🏻

Next onto Oulton Park this weekend for another couple of rounds of the British Nationals! Really looking forward to it!

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