Champion Of Brands American Speed Fest 18

Really enjoyable day at the American Speed Fest last weekend competing in the Champion of Brands.

Put it on Pole in Qualifying, and then led 2/3rds of the first Race, setting the fastest lap along the way, only to lose my position being held in traffic 😅 A little frustrating but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

We had a gearbox issue in Race 2, I had to short shift from first to second at the start which subsequently resulted in me losing a position. Unfortunate contact later in the Race put a slightly early end to our day, but all in all had a really good time. Very competitive, especially considering we hadn’t touched the car from the previous weekend, we weren’t on new tyres and we didn’t test on the Friday.

A big thank you to Alex Owen for coming to help me for the day and Kevin Mills for helping piece it all together despite our last minute decision to race.

Onto Ireland next week!!

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