BRSCC National Round 15, 16 & 17, Including Castle Combe Club Championship Round 4

Ugh so not sure quite where to start with the race report from Castle Combe.

Club Championship Qualifying went well placing 5th. A fantastic race, starting wet, with changing conditions saw me finish 4th, just a couple of tenths off 3rd. Really enjoyable race!

Then came, national Qualifying, a mechanical fault unfortunately forced me to retire halfway through the session, P12 is where we would start race 1.

I had a great start in the first race and made my way up to 8th with the fastest lap on track before getting involved in an incident and having to retire 😔

Sunday came and I was really looking forward to the next two races.

I started 23rd for race two because of the previous retirement, I had a fantastic opening lap making up 9 places and a further 2 the following lap putting me in 11th. However on lap three 10th place was slow off the first chicane, they took a fair defensive line down towards the next corner, I darted to the outside (although unlikely to pass I would have had the better line for the next corner). The driver pulled across whilst I was already alongside. Ultimately I should have backed out, but having had this treatment already in the year from the same driver, I kept my foot on the throttle whilst being forced off track, still being squeezed we came together and both ended in the wall. I was absolutely fuming, I made sure he was okay before having a 'few words' which would eventually land me 2 penalty points on my licence. I personally have no regrets, I hope we can both move on from the event, neither of us would have wanted the race to finish this way, nor get a 5 place grid drop at the next round. Glad to hear he is completely well and sustained no injuries.

I've had a couple of weeks break, looking forward to the Castle Combe Club Championship coming up in a weeks time followed by Silverstone the next week.

Huge effort from the the KMR team who had my car ready for race 3 despite the condition it came in, unfortunately the race didn't go ahead due to timing. Great teamwork as always, massive thank you!

Also want to say a massive thank you to all my friends who came out to watch me race, despite only watching me complete two laps, you seemed to enjoy it 😅😂

Bring on the rest of the season, I've had my vacation, I'm feeling ready for a great end to the year!

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