New Hampshire Motor Speedway Race Weekend & Testing

Past Week Update

Last Saturday I raced at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, in the NHKA series.

It's a track I have never been too before, I struggled with engine problems all morning and missed qualifying as a result.

I had to begin the pre final from the back of the grid, I made a good start but I misjudged the braking zone on turn 4 and collided with another competitor. Honestly with the engine problems I had in the morning and the poor results we had the previous weekend, I was too eager to make amends, and I made a move I would not have attempted normally in that situation.

Anyway having cooled down a bit, I got my head together for the final. I started from the back of the pack to come through to finish 2nd. Not only did I set the fastest lap of the race but I also set the fastest time of the day. A result I could be happy with considering I had only completed 15 laps all day, including the 10 lap final.

I am out in America for a little longer as some of you are aware, I am having a fantastic time and I'm working hard to make sure we get the result we all deserve.

I went yesterday to F1 Boston (the next track I'm racing at in the F-Series) to do some testing, all went well and things are looking very positive moving forward to that race in a few weeks time.

Thank you all for your continued support!

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